About Us

Bifrost is a close-knit family of odd yet extraordinary, weirdly creative and incessantly curious individuals with a common goal:

Bridging the gap between strategy and artistry. 

We create visuals, stories and experiences influenced by current trends and a whole lot of research. Our undying passion for our work, the conviction to keep learning and growing and our commitment towards this venture are just a few ingredients that go into Bifrost's potion of innovation.

Being an action-oriented studio, we explore in context and focus on how to best connect our clients with their audience.

Meet The Team

Rishabh Pahuja

Founder & CEO

Entrepreneurial. Headstrong.


Tejal Tunge

Founder & COO

Perfectionist. Determined & "HUNGRY"

Tarunkia Gaur


Diligent. Slick &


Madhav Sangal


Practical. Dedicated but


Kumar Vikas Saxena

Mentor &

Art Director

Artistic & Accomplished.


Gurasees Singh Khurana

Lead Architect

Pragmatic. Purposeful &


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